Curug Ibun Pelangi

The rainbow ahead is more than an ordinary waterfall

tempat favorit!


Phenomena of natural beauty that makes the mood of your day


A facility that connects the entrance with the natural beauty of Ibun Pelangi Waterfall


Leuwi Kancah

Natural whirlpools that can put a smile on every face.

Bamboo Trees

Rest and enjoy the beautiful view of bamboo trees at Curug Ibun Pelangi



A collection of interesting photos, taken directly in the Ibun Pelangi Curug area


4. Warung UMKM 2-min

Rest Area

Cool and beautiful places to eat and drink coffee that will accompany you after bathing in the waterfall

35. Mushola-min


Where shalat can be done in the gazebo 

5. Toilet-min


We provide toilets so that visitors can shower and change clothes after having fun at the waterfall

1. Parkir-min

Tempat Parkir

Motorcycle and car parking area located at the entrance to the Ibun Pelangi Waterfall

How to Access

The Ibun Pelangi Curug tourist area can be accessed via the Majalengka route, via the Sumber Jaya road heading to Argapura District, via Sukasari Kaler village Japer block (Saturday block). Access to the Curug Ibun Pelangi tourist area can be accessed using two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles other than buses.

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